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Missions at Willis for the 21st Century

Welcome to a new beginning for Willis missions as we embark on a new mission project for deaf orphans in Kenya. During the coming weeks you will read much about this new project and also about our other continuing missions throughout the world. Over the last half century Willis has mounted a determined effort to carry out the Great Commission. During these years missions to American cities and places and many across the globe have established churches and brought Jesus to countless thouosands of lost souls. Now in the 21st century Willis is adding another mission effort to our inventory of work currently underway in many places. The Aids virus has devastated the continent of Africa and destroyed families everyway.

It is estimated that 10% of the 15 million children in Kenya, for example, are orphans who have no parents, no home, no nurturing places in which to grow and develop. Of these more than 1 million orphans, many are deaf. Deaf orphans face a dismal future in Kenya. Many extended families who accept the orphans from other family units refuse to take in the deaf orphan. Some are led into the jungle where they are tied to a tree and left for the wild animals. Many are just abandoned to face the future on their own. As desperate as the future is for all Kenyan orphans, for the deaf child left behind by the Aids virus, without some intervention there may not be a future for them. Follow the link below and read more about Sam's Place and Sam McReynolds' legacy for these children.

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Sam's Place: A New Beginning for Deaf Orphans in Kenya
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